Fire, Air and Water


My work entitled ‘Fire, Air and Water’ demonstrates a metamorphosis of three triangular-based Platonic solids: the tetrahedron (believed to represent fire), the octahedron (air), and the icosahedron (water). Drawn to the stability and structure of the triangle, there is a strong focus on modularity to create a three-dimensional faceted whole.

The intersection of art and functional design is important to my work. I am particularly concerned with creating ‘useful art’ that can be used in every-day public areas, in order to change the audience’s perception of a particular space. Therefore my work incorporates three innovative light shades constructed from mirrored card. Using advanced technology of the laser cutter my aim was to create a clean and precise geometric aesthetic, inspired by the movements of Minimalism and Constructivism.

The mirrored surfaces within my work relate to the idea of the fractured image; each polyhedral plane reflects different perspectives of the environment behind the viewer. These surfaces also work well with the light forms as they reflect more light around the space.





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