Castiglionchio 1

Castiglionchio 1

Ink drawing, Tuscany, 2012



6 thoughts on “Castiglionchio 1

    • Hi! For the darker, blacker areas I used Indian ink and for the lighter areas with the brownish/blueish tinge I used Quink ink and water. Sometimes adding a bit of diluted bleach is effective as well

      • Hi, thanks for your reply. I’ve used Quink ink before and of course, Indian ink. I really like the combination of those two. It’s sumi ink that I use now when I do quick warm-up sketches in the life drawing workshop I attend. I’ll keep your sketches in mind and maybe explore using Quink in again but maybe with sumi ink.

      • No, it’s not thick but thin, unless it starts drying up in the container and then it becomes thick but you can thin it with water. What I like about it is that you can get a very dark black and finely graded washes. India ink is supposed to contain shellac which makes it waterproof but sumi ink is not waterproof.

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